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∴ Cold Rooms ∴

Regardless of the products they contain, these rooms are very useful for:

  • Goods reception. The sanitary standards require that businesses, such as warehouses and restaurants, have an appropriate temperature to receive their raw materials, which will later be placed in different points. A good cooling system is crucial for these cases.
  • Storage and products handling. This allows an increase in production and marketing, extending shelf life and enabling the transformation of products.
  • Products display. In these cases, it is very common to use Walk in or Reach in doors, which allow the final consumer to easily access products and, at the same time, have a much more attractive point of sale.

Keeping Your Cold Room Running Efficiently

Your cold room can seem like such a simple thing that you almost forget about it. That is, until it breaks down in the middle of summer and you have a nightmare on your hands. You could end up losing all your stock. Worse yet, you may lose a lot of customers when you have to tell them all the food has gone bad. This can potentially cause long-term damage to your business reputation. The smartest thing you can do to keep this from happening is to look after your cool room to ensure that it’s always running as efficiently a possible. As a side benefit, an efficient cool room also reduces energy costs.

Know Your Maintenance Schedule

On top of your own regular maintenance and care of the cool room, you’ll need scheduled maintenance to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. In Darwin especially, refrigeration systems have to work extra hard to keep up with the high temperatures and humidity. To find out about your maintenance schedule, check your warranty or contact the company that installed the unit. You can also contact a local, reputable air conditioner servicing company. They will be able to assess your system and develop a schedule for you.